April Lindy Hop Booster

A chance to learn or boost your Lindy Turns.


On Saturday 20th April 2024 we have 3 x small group sessions to boost your command of Lindy Turns.

Venue: Watlington Hall in central Reading, home to our monthly swing social events.

11.20 am  Essentials of 8-count swing
12.30 pm Securing Lindy Turns
1.40 pm Mastering Lindy Turns

11.20 am session 1  Essentials of 8-count swing:  includes Lindy Turn, Swingout,  Side-by-side Charleston.  Suitable for novices and experienced swing dancers.

12.30 pm session 2  Securing Lindy Turns:  includes Finding Connection, Swivels and  Ball-change.  Suitable for those wanting to  progress their swing dancing.

1.40 pm session 3  Mastering Lindy Turns: includes releases, extensions and reverses. Suitable for swing dancers with some experience.

Each session is for 55 mins.  15 mins break between sessions.  Please arrive up to 15 mins before your first session.
Tea and coffee are available. 

Any 1 session £12 in advance.
2 or 3 sessions £20 in advance.

Pay on the day if space is available £25.


Just outside the IDR on the edge of the town centre, this venue offers plenty of public transport options in addition to on-site parking.  Located behind the historic Watlington House is a community hall, located in the garden beside the car park.

All access is at the eastern end of South St through a gate in the high wall:  cross the gravelled car park and the garden area to the hall. 
Navigate to RG1 4RJ and remember that vehicles cannot access South St from Watlington St and so drivers can use London St, Sidmouth St or East St to reach the rear car park.  There are also some parking spaces available in front of Watlington House from where you can walk to the side access gate on South St.

The map at the bottom of the page can help you to get the picture.